Today cannot be enjoyed Tomorrow: except as a memory.

Which do you make more important: experiences or memories? We all have both, of course. But many gloss over the present, taking photos on the way, and look forward to getting back home to show the photos to others. ‘This is what we did. This is where we went’, they say. This is good, this is enjoyable, this is sharing. But enjoying the moment, fully enjoying the experience itself is always better! When you are on your death-bed, there will be memories that you can’t recall because they faded. There will be memories that you want to share with certain people, but those certain people won’t be there with you. There will be things you remember with love, and there will be things that you remember with regret.
Why wait? Why wait? Why wait?
You already know how to be happy. You need no more learning. You need no more intelligence. You need no more age or wisdom.
Happiness only ever occurs in the moment. Make today’s moments special.
Make Your Life Special.


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