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The Polarization Technique – Update

Just a quick update on last week’s blog.

There will be occasions when you have the perfect prospect in front of you and YOU MUST GET THEM TO BUY INTO YOU AND YOUR PRODUCTS.

This is NOT the situation where you need to polarize – obviously.

This is more likely to be the case when you finally – after trying for some time – get in front of a budget-holding decision-maker. This will be the sale that you want to get, even if you have absolutely nothing in common with your prospect.

In this instance, creating rapport and common ground must be your intention, and for this, you need a) some finely-honed skills, and b) a great strategy for advancing the relationship.

I’ll be dealing with this in fine detail in future articles, but for now, let’s just say that mirroring and matching the other person’s body language IS a tried and tested method, BUT it’s only the start and MUST be done with real skill.

Thank you for following this blog.

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Invisible or invincible?

Most of us, when we step outside our front door, are going off to meet with people and create some sort of impression.

Whoever we meet in the course of our day, we want things to go well, (in the way that we want), which means that we will need to communicate in a way that Read the rest of this entry

Be remembered everywhere you go!

I am so grateful that in the last ten to fifteen years the neuroscientists have made such amazing discoveries that we no longer have to guess what works and what doesn’t.

I’m talking about Read the rest of this entry

How to sell? The rules have changed!

Although quite well know in sales circles, this film is education for anyone who owns a business and needs to know what not to do to get customers.

It might have worked back then, but now … I don’t think so somehow!

Find Balance: Find Happiness

Stop people dead in their tracks with empathy

Small business owners

A lot of my work is teaching small business owners how to ‘Stop people dead in their tracks’.

Another way to describe this is: Writing copy or a script that gets people’s attention.

And more than that, copy that evokes an emotional reaction leading to ACTION. Read the rest of this entry

The Power of Personal Branding

It really is what they think of you that matters first.

Are you likeable? And if so, do you look, sound and feel trustworthy?

Working with business owners as I do, nearly everyone thinks Read the rest of this entry

Getting a job sucks – creating one inspires!

I guess you know enough about me to know that I’ve never worked for anyone else. Call me selfish, but for me, I always had to be in charge of my own destiny. But it’s really not me that’s important – it’s what I can do for others that really matters to me.

Which brings me to this question: Why is formal education designed to empower you to get a job?

We all know that wealth is created – broadly speaking – by entrepreneurs: the guys that ‘create’ jobs. We also know that more and more people looking for jobs is not the way out of this recession.

So my question is: why doesn’t school and university teach us how to create jobs, instead of teaching us how to get jobs?

Surely, if that were to happen, we’d ultimately all be better off!


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Paying Taxes is just the Coolest Thing

No? Think I’m mad?

Okay, well think about this. Taxes are what makes all the other stuff work. Nothing in this life is FREE. Not really. And that doesn’t mean money, but it does mean trade.

We trade Love. We trade Friendship. We trade fun and games and companionship and business. What you give – is to all intents and purposes – what you get.

So next time you pay that bill, think about what you’re getting in return, not what it’s costing you.

Now that’s cool! No – that’s really COOL!

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How to make £200,000 in just one weekend

Tried it … didn’t like it … doesn’t work!

Does that sound like YOU and SALES?

I know for me, at one time, I wasn’t even prepared to try it. Why? Because I seriously believed that I couldn’t sell! AND, more seriously, I didn’t have any real confidence in myself. I could put on an act, but the shyness and nerves underneath just kept on destroying any real chance I had to grow the business.

So just how much did that cost me?

Around £200,000 – and probably more.

Because that’s how much it cost my business to PAY FOR the salesman in our business, otherwise there was NO BUSINESS.

That was then, but this is NOW.


Now, I can sell ice to the Eskimos, and I don’t need to employ a sales guy. Fantastic!

I’m confident, love people, and totally enjoy and relish teaching others what it took me twenty years to learn in just one weekend (or the equivalent, because we keep it flexible so that you can learn at your own pace).


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I look forward to your increased confidence and success in Sales! Have a truly prosperous day.

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