The Reluctant Sales Person

All of our work here at the Inspirationist Ltd is based on the “Unstoppable Transformation Formula”.

This unique model, based on everything that I’ve achieved in my life, lays out the vital steps that any creative entrepreneur needs to know to ‘do what they fancy’, earn a damn good living doing it, and have the lifestyle they want, too.

My background is show business, or more precisely, the music business.

So what’s that got to do with teaching other business owners how to succeed?

Well, because you’re here reading this article, my guess is you might be a bit like me. You see I’m the reluctant sales guy. I never even thought of myself as a business man. Like Richard Branson, my interest was in those things that interested me and how I could make an impact on the world around me.

In fact, once I started to have some financial success, I was always kind of put off when people would say to me, ‘but QJ, you’re a business man’. In fact, I really hated it. My identity was around being creative, being a musician and performing.

But you know what, I was a good business man, I just disliked the label.

The other label I disliked was ‘salesman’. In fact, I just couldn’t believe that I would ever be one.

But what I eventually came to realise was that I had been using a lot of the principles and strategies needed for success in the music business to make my ‘ordinary’ business successful. A lot of these ‘tricks’ of showbiz are really effective, because they are about getting noticed, remembered and followed (not literally), and in ‘ordinary’ business, especially now, we need to do a lot of these same things.

Having spent tens of thousands of hours either on stage, behind a microphone or in front of a camera, I know a thing or two about how to seduce an audience. And in what the Inspirationist brand offers today, that’s precisely what we are offering you.

Everyone now is ‘on stage’ and ‘in the limelight’.

The way to win in today’s 21st century world is to ‘shine’.

It’s your personal image, brand and reputation that will define your success, not how clever your marketing is.

The video that follows was shot immediately following the first ever “Unstoppable” weekend, where the delegates were walked through very specific steps of the model in order to give them what they needed to focus, clearly see their future vision, get in touch with their inate talent and start to take the actions necessary to get to where they are going.

Since the weekend, the delegates have sustained their progress. A follow-up video will be posted shortly showing the real power of the “Unstoppable Transformation Formula”!

For now, enjoy their encouraging tales of transformation and enlightenment.

Sign up right now to this Blog and you’ll soon start to see – like I did – how to become a honey-pot to your clients, turning them into fans and followers in a way that’s completely authentic for you.

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    Would like to receive your updates
    thank you QJ

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