Turn the first sixty seconds into profit

Actually your first impression doesn’t last that long!

You’ve probably got about 20 seconds although recovery is possible if you fuck up at first.

The biggest mistake – of course – everyone knows – is you start to ‘sell’.

We’ve all done it – me included – but having decided to read this, there is NO EXCUSE ANY MORE.

Don’t you dare ever do that again – okay! Or I’ll come out and take you in hand.

So, how to turn the first sixty seconds into profit? Easy – just bloody listen – then ask if you can help at all.

This stuff is so simple, it’s painful.

No, not really, but it certainly ain’t difficult so please, please just do what I say. You’ll be doing yourself a favour. And when it works and you’re not sure what to do next, come and ask, and I’ll tell you.

Be cool!


  1. “I would recommend the Authentic Speaking Workshop to anyone – not only for making business presentations more powerful – but also for the personal growth made possible by increased confidence in speaking.
    Thank you!”

    An Authentic Speaking Testimonial from Kathryn Goddard

  2. “I went on one of QJ’s courses and he inspired me with the techniques he shared that day. As a result I have adopted many of QJ’s suggestions for public speaking and presentation – so much so that I think I use them on an almost daily basis!

    QJ’s commitment to provide a refreshing and unique approach works, and more importantly remains relevant once you’ve left the training venue and venture back into your daily life!”

    A Great Speaking Testimonial from Rachel Cowell

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