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Check your worms to win more business!

Fifth in the series of ‘How to Win More Business face-to-face’.

NB If you’re reading this on a mobile phone and can’t see the video to click on, here’s the link

This week the video says it all, so, if you’d like to benefit from this tried and tested power technique to make each and every one of your business relationships (and personal, actually) more profitable, then feel free to watch the video – you’ll be amazed just how easy these things are to learn and put into practice!

It’s really about how to increase the value of your Read the rest of this entry


Listen like this and they will love you

After food, shelter, protection from predators, and procreation, getting people to like you is one of the primary motivations for humans. Everyone is born with primary needs and the motivation to meet those needs is so strong that we would rather die than experience life with none of our needs met.

The need for Connection is one of the four needs that we must fulfil to survive Read the rest of this entry

The Polarization Technique – Update

Just a quick update on last week’s blog.

There will be occasions when you have the perfect prospect in front of you and YOU MUST GET THEM TO BUY INTO YOU AND YOUR PRODUCTS.

This is NOT the situation where you need to polarize – obviously.

This is more likely to be the case when you finally – after trying for some time – get in front of a budget-holding decision-maker. This will be the sale that you want to get, even if you have absolutely nothing in common with your prospect.

In this instance, creating rapport and common ground must be your intention, and for this, you need a) some finely-honed skills, and b) a great strategy for advancing the relationship.

I’ll be dealing with this in fine detail in future articles, but for now, let’s just say that mirroring and matching the other person’s body language IS a tried and tested method, BUT it’s only the start and MUST be done with real skill.

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Always feel free to ask any questions – put them in the comments box – that we may be able to help you with. And remember, all of this is completely free of charge!

Invisible or invincible?

Most of us, when we step outside our front door, are going off to meet with people and create some sort of impression.

Whoever we meet in the course of our day, we want things to go well, (in the way that we want), which means that we will need to communicate in a way that Read the rest of this entry

Be remembered everywhere you go!

I am so grateful that in the last ten to fifteen years the neuroscientists have made such amazing discoveries that we no longer have to guess what works and what doesn’t.

I’m talking about Read the rest of this entry

Getting a job sucks – creating one inspires!

I guess you know enough about me to know that I’ve never worked for anyone else. Call me selfish, but for me, I always had to be in charge of my own destiny. But it’s really not me that’s important – it’s what I can do for others that really matters to me.

Which brings me to this question: Why is formal education designed to empower you to get a job?

We all know that wealth is created – broadly speaking – by entrepreneurs: the guys that ‘create’ jobs. We also know that more and more people looking for jobs is not the way out of this recession.

So my question is: why doesn’t school and university teach us how to create jobs, instead of teaching us how to get jobs?

Surely, if that were to happen, we’d ultimately all be better off!


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Can Charisma help me succeed in business?

In reading this, you probably have a question in your head, ‘Can charisma be developed or are some people just born charismatic?’

In my experience, the answer is obvious: anyone can increase their charisma. But don’t take my word for it. Instead, let’s explore:

According to Ronald Riggio, PhD, professor of leadership and organizational psychology at Claremont McKenna College, California, USA, Charisma has three main ingredients.

They are:

  1. Expressiveness Read the rest of this entry

Is Your Personality YouTube-ready?

Let’s Get Real! The Internet is fantastic. The Internet means we’re all connected; at least that’s the theory.

For example: Did you know that YouTube now has more viewers than regular television? Read the rest of this entry

It’s either a personal Christmas card or it’s another sales email – don’t mix the two – it won’t do you any good!

Don’t you just hate it when someone emails you Read the rest of this entry

You could be famous. What are you waiting for?

Fame is no longer the preserve of the Rich and the Riotous.

Celebrity is no longer a career choice just for the Talentless.

Recognition is no longer a reward reserved for World-Class Achievers.

YOU could become famous just FOR BEING YOU! And that’s what I would thoroughly recommend. Read the rest of this entry