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Moods are very different from emotions

Moods are very different from emotions. A background mood or disposition can be yours for a lifetime – ever know someone of a happy disposition? – but emotions and emotional responses to things that happen can change our state massively, and not always just to protect, warn or excite us, for example. Even though thereare only 5 fundamental emotions – fear, sadness, disgust, happiness and anger – the actual number of emotional states we can experience in a lifetime is immeasurable. So, what’s the trick? When you’re in an emotional state that you don’t want to be in, how can you get out of it? The answer is simple: “use your physical body for all its worth” Csikszentmihalyi, author of Flow – the psychology of optimal experience.


Do you want to know the intimate secrets of how to influence people?

In our last ‘networking’ seminar, people left with an ability to see inside other’s minds. Once you know what ‘they’ are thinking, it’s so much easier to persuade them to buy into you and your stuff. If you want more income, then first, you need more understanding of the mind! Then you can play with people to your heart’s content. Nicely – of course! Your intention must be a win/win for both sides.

Influence has progressed past the ‘that’s interesting’ stage. We now know so much about how the brain processes information, causes emotional states, and compels us to take action, that strategies and the vital steps to getting exactly what you want are available to anyone prepared to learn!

These are the things that I teach business owners like you.

I look forward to empowering you. Thanks for reading.