Reward Your Biggest Mistakes with Your Biggest Rewards!

They say there’s no failure, only results. Bull! When you fail to get the result you wanted, it’s not nice. You feel like you’ve wasted your time. It’s boring. They say, ‘you discovered another way that didn’t work’. Great – but it’s not, is it? It’s a pain. So what’s the answer? Elegant Failure: that’s the best way.

Try this: Whenever you fail to get the right answer, the support or the sale that you wanted, admit that you failed and failure is a part of the process. It’s okay to fail. It happens to everybody.

The thing I like to do when I fail is to Reward Your Biggest Mistakes with the Biggest Rewards.

When we reward ourselves, we feel good – or at least we should. When you link failure to a good feeling, you will eventually stop beating yourself up as a result of your failure.

Once you get to this point, stop the reward and you’ll find you stick with the new feeling.

This is a real win/win. You’ll end up feeling fine whether you succeed or you fail. The important point is not to let failure stop you trying. And not to let it make you feel bad.

Warning:  If you keep on rewarding yourself for failure endlessly, you could end up conditioning yourself to want to keep failing because you like the feeling so much. But you knew I was going to say that, didn’t you? You’ll know when you’ve achieved the right level of feeling okay about failure though, won’t you, because you understand exactly this principle.

Good luck – not that you need it. Make some great mistakes and then tell me all about them. I really want to hear how you get on.


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