How £6.99 won me a formidable international contact

As an opener, I’ll usually recommend to my followers, ‘Stop people dead in their tracks’.

How to Build Trust | Idea #3

NB If you’re reading this on a mobile phone and can’t see the video to click on, here’s the link

But today’s article is about building trust and getting the other person to like you with a kind gesture – which, incidentally, might also stop them in their tracks!

Whilst I promote being provocative and ingenious, this doesn’t usually mean you have to be creative – at least not in the way that’s about coming up with a new idea; you know, reinventing the wheel! The ingenuity that I’m talking about is usually taking the simplest, most obvious principle and using it in a context where others wouldn’t expect it, like this one.

You might say that what I’m about to share is obvious – it is – but I bet you haven’t used it. And if you have, do tell me about it. I’d love to hear your story.

It’s simply this. To win someone over, listen out for what they’re interested in outside of work, and send them a follow-up gift related to that interest.

Networking Magic

My personal example is this.

I was attending a seminar run by a very well-known, influential and well-connected ‘expert’ in my field. I’d never met the man before, but realised that a relationship with him could be very profitable indeed. He’s a really nice guy and knows a lot of people who I would like to meet.

During the seminar – he is from Los Angeles, USA – he let slip how much he liked British pubs. Now, although I did manage to have a few words with him in one of the breaks, you wouldn’t say that I had managed to start a meaningful relationship that would lead to a life-long friendship.

However, my subsequent actions have got us started on that journey.

Although I shared no more than a few words with him at the time, we – my family – have since spent a weekend with him and his family here in the UK and now have an open invitation to LA, to stay with him. He’s even offered to let us stay in his house and use his car if they happen to be out of the country at the time!

What did I do that got this result? I sent him a book called Pub Walks in the Kent Hills, bought from Amazon and sent directly to him for £6.99.

Think about this: where do you think this relationship could lead to for me and my business? How difficult was it for me to get a result like this? Do you think there might be influential people out there who you would like to have a great personal relationship with that might advance your business or career?

Take Action on what you want

You’ll make of this story what you will. But I’d say that it’s about knowing exactly what you want, believing that it’s possible, and then acting upon your beliefs.

What I do know for sure, is that if you don’t try, it won’t happen.

Have fun with your business.

See you next Blog.


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  1. Do something genuine and personal for someone – yes it works!

  2. Thanks Peter. You are so right!

  3. Great post, a new way to think and act is this. When you do something for someone do you expect them to give 50% at least in return? Try doing your good deed, gesture with out any expectancy of receiving anything back, the people you deal with will recognize there is no agenda and will amazingly want to deal, socialize or give back to you. If they don’t just look at it as a way of blessing their lives and enjoy that feeling.

  4. Matt Tamayo-Myerson

    Great Blog this week QJ!

  5. About the only useful thing I ever learnt from the time I used to go to BNI was the phrase ‘givers gain’ which has stuck with me for years afterwards. Although I do personally give a lot of my expertise and time to people (without automatic expectation of return) I hadn’t thought about it in the way you’ve said here QJ.

    It made me think up a word to summarise what you’ve done with the US contact. Instead of just ‘listen’ you’ve combined that with ‘glean’. Put the two together and you get ‘glisten’ – I’m going to look out for my future opportunities to ‘glisten’. Great tip QJ!

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