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How £6.99 won me a formidable international contact

As an opener, I’ll usually recommend to my followers, ‘Stop people dead in their tracks’.

How to Build Trust | Idea #3

NB If you’re reading this on a mobile phone and can’t see the video to click on, here’s the link

But today’s article is about building trust and getting the other person to like you with a kind gesture – which, incidentally, might also stop them in their tracks!

Whilst I promote being provocative and ingenious, this doesn’t usually mean Read the rest of this entry


Insider Secrets that win Corporate Pitches!

Here’s my Lesson #2 in Building Trust and Winning Business as a Result. #3 follows next week.

A recent but valuable lesson to be learned from what’s been happening behind the scenes when a Corporate evaluates you or your company as a potential supplier is this:

Perfect Pitches don’t win bids!

But what does that mean exactly? It means that if you only show your ‘brilliance’ and none of your ‘resilience’ they won’t be impressed and probably won’t hire you! Read the rest of this entry

Check your worms to win more business!

Fifth in the series of ‘How to Win More Business face-to-face’.

NB If you’re reading this on a mobile phone and can’t see the video to click on, here’s the link

This week the video says it all, so, if you’d like to benefit from this tried and tested power technique to make each and every one of your business relationships (and personal, actually) more profitable, then feel free to watch the video – you’ll be amazed just how easy these things are to learn and put into practice!

It’s really about how to increase the value of your Read the rest of this entry

He died before he would release an inferior product!

When we commit ourselves to a purpose, something very special happens.

I’m listening to Rory Gallagher’s Notes from San Francisco and reading the liner notes. (If you don’t know Read the rest of this entry

Speak to Sell: like Tony Robbins does

Tony Robbins’ success is down to one overiding factor: his ability to speak and sell – at the same time!

Whenever you open your mouth, stuff comes out – it’s a fact!

But is it the stuff of a master communicator or is it – as Alan Sugar so eloquently put it – ‘a danger to global warning: a lot of hot air’?

The truth is, that more than at any other time in human history, your opportunity to reach people through what you say and how you say it has never been greater. Read the rest of this entry

Invisible or invincible?

Most of us, when we step outside our front door, are going off to meet with people and create some sort of impression.

Whoever we meet in the course of our day, we want things to go well, (in the way that we want), which means that we will need to communicate in a way that Read the rest of this entry

Find Balance: Find Happiness

Stop people dead in their tracks with empathy

Small business owners

A lot of my work is teaching small business owners how to ‘Stop people dead in their tracks’.

Another way to describe this is: Writing copy or a script that gets people’s attention.

And more than that, copy that evokes an emotional reaction leading to ACTION. Read the rest of this entry

Getting a job sucks – creating one inspires!

I guess you know enough about me to know that I’ve never worked for anyone else. Call me selfish, but for me, I always had to be in charge of my own destiny. But it’s really not me that’s important – it’s what I can do for others that really matters to me.

Which brings me to this question: Why is formal education designed to empower you to get a job?

We all know that wealth is created – broadly speaking – by entrepreneurs: the guys that ‘create’ jobs. We also know that more and more people looking for jobs is not the way out of this recession.

So my question is: why doesn’t school and university teach us how to create jobs, instead of teaching us how to get jobs?

Surely, if that were to happen, we’d ultimately all be better off!


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How to make £200,000 in just one weekend

Tried it … didn’t like it … doesn’t work!

Does that sound like YOU and SALES?

I know for me, at one time, I wasn’t even prepared to try it. Why? Because I seriously believed that I couldn’t sell! AND, more seriously, I didn’t have any real confidence in myself. I could put on an act, but the shyness and nerves underneath just kept on destroying any real chance I had to grow the business.

So just how much did that cost me?

Around £200,000 – and probably more.

Because that’s how much it cost my business to PAY FOR the salesman in our business, otherwise there was NO BUSINESS.

That was then, but this is NOW.


Now, I can sell ice to the Eskimos, and I don’t need to employ a sales guy. Fantastic!

I’m confident, love people, and totally enjoy and relish teaching others what it took me twenty years to learn in just one weekend (or the equivalent, because we keep it flexible so that you can learn at your own pace).


Sign up to this Blog – test drive the value that I will bring to you and your business – because the Blogs include ‘How to’s, and if you like what you experience, then join me at one of my live events.

I look forward to your increased confidence and success in Sales! Have a truly prosperous day.

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