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Why corned beef is different from spam

I have a customer who has spent more than a thousand pounds with me, but his first contact with me was a spam email trying to sell me corned beef!

If you’re like most people, the reason you will decide to delete or unsubscribe from unsolicited emails is:

‘I haven’t got time’ or ‘I hate being sold to’ or ‘I never subscribed’ etc., etc.

If I could show you in sixty seconds how to turn those unwanted emails into real value to your business, maybe even winning you new customers, would that be good for you? Read the rest of this entry


Without this your sales will suffer

What is the one thing that will ‘sell’ you better online? It’s you on video, of course.

Look, even if you’re a shrinking violet, I can show you how to come across really well in front of the camera.

A lot of it is about content, which I can help you write, but the first and most important aspect will be people liking you, trusting you and buying ‘into’ you and what you are offering.

Watch the video and seriously consider what you’ll be missing if you don’t get a great video on your website.

If you’re not really sure and don’t want to miss out, then, for heaven’s sake, ask me.

0800 840 6093

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Is the Royal Lady Gaga?

You just gotta comment on this one!

Are you struggling to nail your business identity?

I know exactly what it’s like when you can’t quite get a handle on how to be seen in the way that you want to be seen, and recognised by your clients and prospects in the way that will get you the business you want.

My client this morning was trying to decide on a new company name and had decided to ask Read the rest of this entry

How can a small business make a big impact? Max Clifford reveals all.

At Kent’s 2020 Conference and Exhibition last week, Max Clifford, PR Guru, took the speaker stand at 9.30am.

Max Clifford: the early days

Clifford left school at age 15 without any qualifications. The only thing he had going for him was Read the rest of this entry

Don’t let them ever tell you that you’re not qualified …

So what is the real qualification for success?

It’s more times than I can remember.

Doing something that I’m not (officially or formally) qualified to do, that is.

Trouble is, we live in a society that instils in us (if we allow it) the belief that you must Read the rest of this entry