Insider Secrets that win Corporate Pitches!

Here’s my Lesson #2 in Building Trust and Winning Business as a Result. #3 follows next week.

A recent but valuable lesson to be learned from what’s been happening behind the scenes when a Corporate evaluates you or your company as a potential supplier is this:

Perfect Pitches don’t win bids!

But what does that mean exactly? It means that if you only show your ‘brilliance’ and none of your ‘resilience’ they won’t be impressed and probably won’t hire you!

Our company has been designing and delivering bespoke training to business owners, individuals and corporate teams in sales, customer service and ‘people skills’ for more than 25 years = Millions of pounds-worth of business. But in order to win that level of business, the style, content and tone of our pitches has changed dramatically over the years.

What worked in 2000 would simply be laughed at today. And what works today would not have worked back then.

In our book, it’s all about what I call

‘Understanding the Psychology of the Moment’.

Our collective and corporate psychology is changing constantly, massively influenced by the internet and our ability to absorb and then redistribute new ideas and latest trends in a heartbeat.

The viral nature of the World Wide Web means that all of what we need to know to be successful at any time is out there; all we need to do is to be selectively vigilant and to understand the consensus in our own particular business arena – the current language that everyone agrees on.

But doing that takes time, and time costs money: so not that easy; hence this Insider Secret to help you.

So, my Shocking Revelation for you today is this:

Talk about your Failures; Forget your Successes.

Why? Because people are assessing you primarily on just two factors: your honesty and your ability to solve their problems.

As I’ve already said, if they don’t trust you they won’t hire you.

They have to believe that, a) you have their best interests at heart, and b) have the capability, creativity and resilience to overcome obstacles, the kind that are the everyday fodder of your working relationships.

In the past, they used to assess these factors purely on track record: the good stuff. But this is simply not the case anymore!

We’ve become far more cynical, more psychologically savvy, and, as a result, much more demanding. And the demand comes in the form of this question:

“Okay, you’ve done all this amazing work, and got all these great results for your other clients, but what I really want to know is, ‘What do you do when the shit hits the fan?’ How good are you then? Because in this company, the shit hits the fan every day, and unless you’re a master at shovelling shit, I’m going to hire someone else.”

Does that smell a bit strong?

Well, I can tell you that if we didn’t carry around a very large bucket full of strong disinfectant, we’d be out of business right now!

Want to know the good news? It’s this. If you are prepared to scrub their filthy floors with ambition, they’ll likely as not keep on hiring you.

So, here’s the bit you’ve been waiting for. How do you use this revelation to

Build the trust and win the contract?

Easy: Talk about the problems you’ve had in reaching your solutions for other clients. Tell them that you didn’t get it right first time. Tell them that it was a bitch of a problem. Tell them at times you weren’t sure that it was ever going to work.

But then go on to show what you learned, how you moved forward, and how your creativity, stickability and unrelenting commitment won the day.

They will be far more impressed by this because what companies of all sizes need right now is solution-focussed shit-shovellers: the kind that never give up until the problem goes away.

How do I know? Because that’s exactly what we do for our clients on a daily basis – and they love us for it.

And if you can’t stand the smell … you could always get a proper job!

Thanks for coming here to my Blog every week. If you’d like any help with your Sales, your Presentations and Pitches for business, or your Personal Brand and the impact you make everywhere you go, do get in touch.

Have fun with your business …

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  1. Seems to me that it may not be something too many of us are comfortable with but I agree it works really well when you try.

  2. I would add that it is your attitude and aptitude when this event occurs. What I have found working with numerous clients over the years by taking control of the situation, advising what steps you are taking and adding realistic timeframes, softens the blow.

    The client may feel agrieved but at least they know that action is being taken. I still believe in honesty being the best policy even if you get a bollocking.

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