Check your worms to win more business!

Fifth in the series of ‘How to Win More Business face-to-face’.

NB If you’re reading this on a mobile phone and can’t see the video to click on, here’s the link

This week the video says it all, so, if you’d like to benefit from this tried and tested power technique to make each and every one of your business relationships (and personal, actually) more profitable, then feel free to watch the video – you’ll be amazed just how easy these things are to learn and put into practice!

It’s really about how to increase the value of your client relationships. For example, last year we went from winning jobs work worth a few thousand pounds each, to our first £1million training contract – and ALL BECAUSE WE STARTED USING THE TECHNIQUES that I’m sharing with you now FOR FREE.

And that wasn’t a flash in the pan.

More than just £1million

Since then, we have designed and are delivering a programme to some of the highest paid sales teams in the country, a programme that has cost the FTSE 100 Company (our client) £500,000. That’s how much value our tried and tested formula for increased sales brings to our clients, and we could be doing the same for you, if you wish. It’s up to you!

The good news is that this stuff isn’t difficult to learn and use, or time-consuming. So, spending 3 minutes watching the video now, will save you loads of time AND effort AND money once you’re using what I teach, ON A REGULAR BASIS.

Oh, and it’s about the language you are using to win business!

Have fun with your business …

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  1. A simple technique that makes a lot of sense.

    • Thank you Peter. I have to work so hard these days. I had to make a cup of tea, walk all the way into the garden, sit down on the bench and then talk to the camera. God, it’s a hard life! Have fun you young rocker, you!

  2. Hi QJ,

    After massive reservations – you know the sort of thing – I am looking forward to your next tip.

    Keep it up and Thanks.


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