Be remembered everywhere you go!

I am so grateful that in the last ten to fifteen years the neuroscientists have made such amazing discoveries that we no longer have to guess what works and what doesn’t.

I’m talking about our ability to ‘see’ the brain working.

One of my areas of interest is Memory.

Mine has never been very good – or so I thought – until I realised that all memory is not the same.

For example, ask me what I did yesterday and I probably won’t remember. But ask me the address of someone on our database (we have database of 7,000 individuals) and I can probably give you at least the street name or town, maybe the house name or number too! Weird? Well I think so. Because I have made no conscious effort as far as I know to remember that kind of thing. And yet, that’s one of the things I do remember, and it seems to be fairly consistent.

Another facet of my memory is that I can still play pieces of music on the piano that I learned more than forty years ago – without the music. I don’t even have to practice those pieces to retain the memory, it’s like they are permanently wired in.

So, what if you could permanently wire into other people’s brains your image, your name, things about you and what you do, so that they can instantly recall who you are? Would that be useful? Would that benefit your business, not just a little, but massively?

Well, today’s Inspirationist Insight will teach you the precise step you need to take if you want to make that happen.

It’s this: Smile when introducing yourself to people.

Did you just blink and miss what I just said? Did you just do a double take?

He didn’t tell me just to smile, did he?

Yes I did. And if that seems mad or stupid to you, think again.

Experiments involving scanning the brains of individuals involved in these social interactions prove conclusively that the parts of the brain that commit information and experiences to memory are activated when one perceives a smile! Sounds incredible, doesn’t it. But perhaps not so incredible when you investigate or just think about our evolution into highly social animals.

Our ‘wiring’ conspires to help us to connect with others – for protection, for pro-creation, for survival – and the ‘connection’ with a smiling person is socially advantageous (at least if authentic) and assists us with all of those things that will help ensure our survival and continuation.

Hence this article on how to get others to remember you.

So, your exercise for today is to practice before you next go out. Like anything, if you haven’t been smiling as you introduce yourself in the past, you will have a soft-wired habit in place which will take some shifting – believe me.

So practice, then practice some more, then go out there and continue to practice on real people until your smiling introduction becomes your most valuable new asset and habit.

Good luck. Let me know how you get on.

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And thank you.


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  1. Who said “I’ve never met a dying man whose last words were I wish I had made more money”? Holding that thought always makes me smile.

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