Are you struggling to nail your business identity?

I know exactly what it’s like when you can’t quite get a handle on how to be seen in the way that you want to be seen, and recognised by your clients and prospects in the way that will get you the business you want.

My client this morning was trying to decide on a new company name and had decided to ask clients what they thought of his ideas. Suffice to say his suggestions didn’t land well, which got him thinking, because of those responses, that his ideas should be dismissed.

What I would say is not to get too hung up on satisfying other people’s criteria at first, because if you do you might miss the one thing that will make you really successful and that might not be with the people you’re currently asking.

There may be others who are more ‘perfect’ clients for your business. I hope that makes sense. The important thing is to establish your own needs, wants and desires first and then see who, if anyone, would want the ‘real’ you. If not, at that stage you can look more closely at how you and your offer needs to be shaped.

In our Personal Branding Programme, I promise you’ll get the real answers to these questions – the ones that you and your preferred clients are comfortable with, and the ones that will make you look and sound really interesting!


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  1. This makes sense its easy to get stuck on the here and now without thinking about the bigger picture.

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