Don’t let them ever tell you that you’re not qualified …

So what is the real qualification for success?

It’s more times than I can remember.

Doing something that I’m not (officially or formally) qualified to do, that is.

Trouble is, we live in a society that instils in us (if we allow it) the belief that you must have formal qualifications to achieve anything in life, and I just hate that! It’s so disempowering for those poor (particularly young) people who grow up believing they will be failures because they have no ‘education’.

And yet, when we look at the evidence, it’s complete bollocks!

I’m passionate about telling young people who will fail academically that they can be as successful as they choose – their lack of formal qualifications will have no impact whatsoever on their life success or happiness – that is, unless they choose to let it.

Trouble is, getting them to believe it is the challenge.

The government should be hung, drawn and quartered in my estimation, for brainwashing us into the belief that ‘everyone has the right to go to university’ when we know, psychologically, that this implies that if you don’t, you are a lesser mortal: shame on them.

Some people are particularly vulnerable to societal bollocks (my technical term), and the sooner we can dispel this anal nonsense the better.

Okay, I feel better now: rant over.

Have a nice day!


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  1. Not just a nice rant but something that many people probably agree with (as I do).

    I left school with a couple of O levels and some CSE’s – nothing fantastic in the way of grades. Then went onto college and picked up a diploma in something that I barely remember, moved onto a job working for a pittance, and then things evolved.

    Over a period of years I realised I was unemployable so started my own business and hey presto, here we are, still learning.

    I do believe that we need a system that ensures people have a reasonable level of English, Maths, and others subject knowledge, but the current educational system is not the answer. There has to be some sort of combination of education and ‘personal development’ that would work, without there being a rigid process of ‘lessons’.

    Another challenge is the way the media send out this message that you can be the lucky handful that get through to a certain point of an X factor type competition. Many young people get that drip fed to them and start to believe that there’s no other answer to become ‘instantly great’.

    Personally, I’d like to see parents given the option to ‘opt out’ of schooling for their children (including not paying the associated taxes) and putting their kids through another more enlightened form of life education.

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