Obama or Palin? Which one has the voice of the people?

At last, Obama has revealed the part of him that moves people. The humanity that some said was missing is there after all.

The two speeches (Obama’s and Palin’s) have been compared, but to my mind, they were in different galaxies.

If you haven’t heard the words of Obama in his speech about the Arizona killings, then here’s the link http://www.whitehouse.gov/photos-and-video/video/2011/01/12/president-obama-memorial-arizona

As you may know, in my work, I strive to help people, ordinary people like you and me, reach their audience in a very real, albeit compelling way.

You and I may not have the oratorical skills of Obama, but still we can touch people in a way that creates strong connection and which helps to bond us with others in ways that are positive and life-affirming.

So what can we learn from Obama?

That in order to inspire and influence our audience in a very real way, we must speak from the heart, without pretence, without hype, but perhaps most importantly, with love!


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