Is Your Personality YouTube-ready?

Let’s Get Real! The Internet is fantastic. The Internet means we’re all connected; at least that’s the theory.

For example: Did you know that YouTube now has more viewers than regular television?

So – in theory – that means that we can all have the benefit of TV advertising at virtually no cost.

All we have to do is shoot a three minute video, upload it to YouTube and we’re away: right? Well, not quite. More like, ‘Away with the fairies!’

While it’s true that search engines love video, that Google and YouTube are the most powerful search engines, and that text has now been demoted into second place online after video, it’s also true that the Internet is ‘just another medium’.

In the same way that you can buy advertising space in print, radio or TV and run a terrible advert that achieves virtually nothing, so can you create a terrible video, put it up on YouTube and your website and lose customers or still have people visit your site and ignore you.

But what if there was a way to create a captivating, compelling video that got viewers really interested in you and your products or services because it was you there ‘in person’, with a winning personality, winning over your audience?

Let me ask you a question: Would it be useful to know what it is about you that makes people warm to you; want to do business with you; remember you and talk about you to others in glowing terms?

You bet it would! And if you’re an avid networker, chances are you already know some of that already.

Let me explain where I’m going with this.

My background is show business. I’ve spent literally tens of thousands of hours either on stage, in a studio, behind a microphone or in front of a camera. I’ve also directed the performances of celebrities, world-class musicians, actors and entrepreneurs. So along the way, I picked up one or two things about how to present yourself AND win over an audience!

When Invicta Radio (Invicta Sound as it was known in the beginning) started up in 1984, my company was out there across the County selling airtime and commercial production (which means writing and making the commercials). I remember clearly just how excited business owners in Kent were about this new medium for advertising.

But the same problem existed then as exists now: without great ads, your campaign just wouldn’t attract the attention of your audience. And without attracting the attention of your audience, you didn’t have an audience, at least not one that was going to respond to you and buy your product.

The problem at that time was the quality of the ads. No one in the County had any experience of commercial radio, so we all had to learn from scratch. And whilst initial curiosity got people tuning in, if what they heard wasn’t interesting, people would switch off. So one way of solving the problem then was by being ‘very creative’, by creating ads that ‘got noticed’, which is precisely what our company did.

So how does that relate to now? What will work today if we want to ‘advertise’ on YouTube? Well, virtually the same thing really, although now, we are a much more sophisticated audience. We all speak media-ese. We see with our media-eyes and listen with our media-ears.

So we will have to raise our game if we are to win new audiences, new customers. We need to be even more understanding of the psychology of selling, the ‘why’ of how to influence and persuade. We need to learn and understand the difference between ‘Interruption Marketing’ and ‘Permission Marketing’ and then integrate the two seamlessly.

The good news is that we now agree that ‘People buy from People’, so we can forget hard sell, thank goodness. It’s more about ‘Permission Marketing’, which means more gradually building up the trust, the credibility, the value and the desirability of our service or products. And we all know that the best way to do that is to sell ourselves first.

After all, you only have to look at Branson to realise that if the person behind the business is well-known, liked and trusted, selling the products becomes so much easier, even when – if you consider what Branson does – you change your business from music to airlines, or from mobile phones to credit cards. Your Personality Branding is the thing that people remember and feel warm and friendly towards.

And the same thing applies online. The growing number of small business owners who have a great online presence, many of who are working from home and successfully combining family life with their online business, means it has to be a crucial opportunity for anyone wanting to grow their business.

So, if you have the urge to promote yourself as ‘the face of your business’, here’s a quick check list of the top three fatal mistakes to avoid:

1                    The biggest single mistake I see businesses making online is to buy the most effective search engine optimisation or Google Ad Words BEFORE optimising the ‘landing content’. Whether the content your visitors land on is text, pictures, audio or video, it MUST BE COMPELLING. You’ve got just 3 seconds to ‘STOP PEOPLE DEAD IN THEIR TRACKS’ or you’ve lost them and wasted the money you’ve spent on getting them to look at you!

2                    It’s a big mistake to be anonymous. My advice is for your name, and your picture, but ideally, your video to be there on your Home Page. And when you send out ‘company’ emails, make sure they’re from YOU, even if you’re part of a larger firm, because it’s YOU that I have a personal relationship with, not the company. Consider this: you search for an osteopath and you browse two different sites as a result of your Google search. One site has Larry on video welcoming you in a friendly manner, sounding experienced, looking professional, and offering what looks like a great service in nice surroundings. The other site has just text; no picture; no video. Which are you more likely to choose? (The caveat is, of course, if Larry looks and sounds crap …)

3                     Mistake number three, is to create a website that tries to sell your product or service (with the exception of online retailers, like Amazon, etc.). If you consider that what you sell is a personal service, then ‘sell the value of an on-going relationship with you’ AND NOTHING ELSE. In Seth Godin’s Permission Marketing (THE bible for internet marketing, IMHO) the single most important sentence he writes is:


I would suggest that you print this out and display it in a prominent position in your office!

For Free Advice about Personality Branding, YouTube, Interruption Marketing and Permission Marketing, or for information about our unique ‘Personality Development Programme’ – designed to make you Shine Online, on YouTube, and on your Website, email me at, or visit our website

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  1. Thanks for sharing the check list to avoid these mistakes. Well, your 2nd point is very apt. Earlier I used to send mailers using my Company’s name but it didnt seem to be a personalized affiar. Hence I started sending emails using my name which now looks more personalized and has increased the “read’ count.
    Apart from this, we are planning to add our videos on YouTube. But, is it necessary to upload it on the website as well?

    • Upload it to you tube only (use there bandwidth not yours) and then in the clip you can share the you tube video in a number of ways, one of which is to embed. This provides a snipit of web page code you can put in your web site so the video displays on your web page as well as you tube but is hosted at You Tube only – Just like the video in this blog.

  2. Thanks Matt! It will be helpful.

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