You could be famous. What are you waiting for?

Fame is no longer the preserve of the Rich and the Riotous.

Celebrity is no longer a career choice just for the Talentless.

Recognition is no longer a reward reserved for World-Class Achievers.

YOU could become famous just FOR BEING YOU! And that’s what I would thoroughly recommend.

I’ve been working with business owners and creative artists virtually all of my life, and much of that work has been in the field that I would call ‘Talent Promotion’.

I’m a Talent Fanatic. I love to see other people ‘show off’ their talent; to inspire their audience; to influence people in ways that produce positive outcomes for everyone involved.

Now, while ‘being famous’ might not be for everyone – those who are behind the scenes making great money from their online store, for example, or just people who don’t want to be in the limelight – it certainly can be the fastest, most effective route to market for anyone who is prepared to be bold, passionate and authentic in public.

This doesn’t mean leaking all of your emotional crap on Facebook, in an unplanned, unstructured way. But it does mean that with some astute guidance and cool strategies, your profile and visibility could be moving you forward much faster than you had thought.

Trouble is most business owners spend all their time promoting their business, saying to people, ‘We do this, we do that’. But this not only does nothing to differentiate you from the competition, it actually promotes the competition!

With YouTube has come the single biggest opportunity so far to be on the same stage as the biggest companies, the biggest stars, the most successful people.

But you could abuse or misuse the YouTube opportunity too, couldn’t you? You could still do the elevator pitch, ‘we do this, we do that’ video and fail to stand out and be recognised for your uniqueness.

So what’ s the answer?

Well, you don’t need Max Clifford to handle your PR. What you do need is guts, a great story and image, and some careful handling of how and when you speak to your followers and fans.

And I have made a decision to focus my attention on helping entrepreneurs and creative artists do this effectively.

I think that I’ve not been using my strengths very wisely in recent times, and yet what I advocate to all my fans is that they focus on their strengths.

In fact, if you can engage most of your energy in activities that use your strengths, then you will be effective and happy. Such a simple philosophy, AND backed up by the science.

Please comment on this BLOG now. If you want to explore how I could help you, then email me too:

Thanks for being here. Come back again soon. 01227 832154. Call me anytime. Leave a message is you don’t reach me straight away. I will get back to you.


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  1. QJ, can you list down few tips to promote a company on YouTube, in case, where the video file doesnt contain any actual recording of the company. Would these type of videos be helpful to attract clients or reduce competition? Please suggest.

  2. Neha
    For the technical side on YouTube promotion have a look at
    For the content to work, get your face on the video, say it with passion, say the right thing and say it in the right way. Always appeal to the emotions of your audience as much as the rational side. Influence models say that you need to have a balance between the emotional and the rational. The emotional gets people excited in the moment. The rational keeps people interested when they reflect on your proposition after the initial excitement.
    I hope this helps.

  3. Surely there is a distinction between ‘fame’ and ‘promotion’. I would argue that if you want to promote your business by becoming famous, then you must first forget the business, and decide for what you wish to become famous. Is it for an achievement, or a reputation for wisdom or as a performer in some way? Support for a cause you believe in passionately, and which you also encourage others to become involved, will give you the opportunity to promote yourself or your firm either to the other supporters or the public via sponsorship or support vehicles or advertising at the event. However you must be good at whatever you are doing, your fame depends on being the best.

  4. Roger
    I totally agree with you.

  5. Great advice QJ. I recently mentioned in a blog that people are often afraid of their “competition” and pay far too much attention to what they’re doing. This dilutes their specialism as they end up too “samey”. When you use your personality you do not have any competition. You are a great example. Does anyone else know someone like QJ? I doubt it.

    Thanks for helping me with my video. It’s being put to good use on YouTube and elsewhere.

    Jason Cobine

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