Whatever you pay attention to will create a feeling within you.

Whatever you pay attention to will create a feeling within you. When that feeling becomes an emotion, ask yourself, ‘is this feeling serving me well or badly?’ What do I mean?

Let me try to explain.

Thoughts, feelings and actions are inextricably linked. No, I’m not making this up. This is the science. I would never publish something that wasn’t proven scientifically. I hate hearsay and make-believe. Check out the writings of Antonio Damasio or Joe Dispenza for evidence.

So, when you have a thought – any thought – your ‘feeling self’ responds. Sometimes the response is almost imperceptible; sometimes it’s more dramatic.

When you think about money or the global recession, you may suddenly sense a feeling of fear, or it may have no effect whatsoever. The point is, that whenever you feel a strong emotion – fear, anger, disgust, etc. – your body’s chemistry has changed. You have different chemicals running through your brain and blood stream.

This difference can be motivating or freezing, and if you’re going to learn to USE YOUR EMOTIONS to your own advantage all the time – my personal goal still – you need a) to recognise them, and b) to learn how to attach an empowering activator to them.

The line between fear and excitement, biologically, is non-existent. It’s the same chemistry inside you. Whether you sense a feeling of fear or excitement, based on the same stimulus, in ‘ordinary’ people, is down to what that same stimulus has meant to you in the past.

In ‘Unstoppable’ people, which is what you and I would really like to become, the sense of fear or excitement will come from what we DECIDE to feel about the stimulus.

Try this: Attach a simple word like ‘Opportunity’ to the word ‘Recession’ and STICK THEM TOGETHER in your psyche. The feeling you are now getting is going to be very different than if you attach the word ‘Famine’ to the word ‘Recession’. As you read this, allow yourself to sense what is probably a tiny change inside you dependent on which attachment you make.

Do you see? If not, repeat those connected words a few times and see how the two differ in feeling:




say it out loud

now this:




Is this producing a different result for you?

If not, don’t worry. Not every Sycological game works for everyone, and I’ve got a million of these up my sleeve. But if you are starting to sense what this could do to how you feel every day, then play with it some more.

This personal development stuff – in my book – should be FUN not FEAR! And yet so many people would have us not get the gain without the pain. HOW RIDICULOUS IS THAT?

My philosophy is based on David Attennborough’s view that if I can entertain you, then you will learn something.

More important than what I do though, is what YOU DO!

Entertain yourself, make it a habit. Play with ideas. Flip them. Do the opposite of what you’ve been taught, or what other people do.

This is how inventions happen – Sticky Notes – Viagra – for example!

There’s no FUN in CAREFUL!

Take Care: Be Special!



Posted on May 8, 2010, in Psychology & Influence. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Susie Jeffries

    Brilliant! And so true. This was something I really “got” at your Unstoppable weekend, i.e. “Does this thought/feeling enhance my day/life, etc.?” It really works and I use it frequently.

  2. Adam Cowper-Smith

    This is a typical QJ experience, he really lives up to his name and inspires me whether in person or in writing.

    Thanks QJ

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