Have you been watching the politicians for authenticity?

I don’t know. That Nick Clegg’s an odd one. On the face of it, his eyes, his body language and his general demeanour are missing something. And yet, he appears to be the ‘winner’ in the debate!

I would have said that he’s a performer. And although I don’t think he has much charm, he has that quality which makes him believable.

Compared with Cameron, whose background is hard to hide – and some are biased against privilege – Clegg has a kind of solidness.

What do you think determines who people vote for? Is it their promises, their manifesto, their party politics, or something much deeper, perhaps their humanity, their character or their ability to perform?


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  1. Henry The Inspirationist coach

    I agree that we trust and believe in people at an unconscious level. And it’s buried so deep that we often don’t even know we are doing it. I believe it’s true that many of our most important decisions are made emotionally and then we confirm them with intellectual facts and figures. So people will either trust Cameron or Clegg or Brown because one of these three connects with some sub-conscious feelng – and there could be so many reasons why we like or dislike someone. Otherwise ladies, we would all fancy the same man! And we don’t. Attraction, trust, respect, love, are often based on such things – and those silly politicians thought they could get us to vote for them just by giving us the statistics of their plans!!!

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